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News flash #6 »


 Santa's Elf's go on strike 



Today it was released that Santa’s elfs have went on strike.

The W.U.F.E (workers union for elfs) have stated that they will not put up with the current actions of Santa and all work will be brought to a stand still until these conditions are rectified.


When talking to Santa it was discovered that he has currently been trying out the idea of out sourcing the manufacturing of the toys to the South Pole.

Santa has said that for years he has thought about trying this to save some cash for the summer holidays as they seem to cost more every year now due to price increases.



Santa has said that the go to the south pole every year and has built up a great relation ship with the penguins who have signed a contract to manufacture the toys and 50% of the cost of the current rates.

As yet the quality of the products are still to be confirmed but assurances have been made that Christmas will still go ahead as normal with little or no interference.



When interviewing one of the lead Elf’s it was said that they feel that the penguins are not qualified to complete these tasks and are concerned that they will not be able to meet the standard N.P.S.F.T (North Pole safety for toys) guide lines.

Santa’s reply to this statement was that the N.P.S.F.T will be closed and a new office will be created S.P.S.F.T (South Pole safety for toys) and there have been assurances that these safety standards will not cause any issue to the toys being produced on time for Christmas.



Further to this it has been said that if the out sourcing goes well and lots of money saved for those increasing costs of the holidays. Then Santa will be looking into the possibility of re-assigning the transportation of his sleigh.

Interviews have already started with the local talented elephants and rumour has it that Dumbo is in line for the role as Rudolf.  



Who ever makes and delivers you special gifts

I am sure you all will have a great day

And from us here at Spookywedding.com we wish you all the best and hope you have a great Christmas and happy new year





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