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News flash #1 


UFO Spotted in Paisley ?


Today there has been a confirmed sighting of a UFO in paisley.

Local tourist managed to get a snapshot of the flying disc before it vanished. Sources have also since disclosed that the aliens have returned to paisley to get the long lost relative that was left here thirty years ago when they were exploring the healing properties of Buckfast.

Later that day it was descovered that the aliens has chrashed and was wondering the streets of paisley causing havock with there ability to produce a large flash of light from there wrist to daze and confuse there prey.

When approached it was descovered that the life forms do infact speak english.

When interviewed the aliens confessed to consuming large quantities of the infamous beverage we all know as Buckfast. The visitor has admitted that due to being intoxicated by the Buckfast beverage that they did not see the Paisley shopping centre and got a bit too close to the roof and lost control of their ship.


When looking at the knowledge gained from talking to the other world visitors it was discovered that the Buckfast beverage did in fact contain healing properties that when consumed in large quantities could in fact make you feel immortal.

Which could come in handy for everyone from time to time?

The aliens have since purchased the entire stock of Buckfast within paisley and Glasgow which has left locals furious and wandering the street looking for a Buckfast alternative.



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