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Do pod people really exist?


A shocking discovery yesterday when a clutch of alien eggs were discovered in our very own Glasgow.  Scientists are still working on what type of creatures could be inside the little eggs.


Today ladies and gentlemen we might actually find out, what came first the chicken or the egg.

Rumours have it that the eggs are emitting radiation but this is yet to be confirmed.


Where did they come from? I believe this is what’s on everyone’s mind, well this is just speculation but I think it would have to be mars. After all mars attacked earth in 1996 and I would suspect that the eggs were left over since then to pre-anticipate yet another invasion.


Scientist (T. Burton) believes that this would have just been a clerical error on the alien’s part and there will be no sequel to the mars attacks situation. But professor len brown and woody Gellman believe that the possibility is always there as no-one knows how those little tykes really think.


But on the bright side the stem cell research that was done by them at the time of the invasion has given us the science required to produce one of the best discoveries on the planet earth, The funky banana.


They have to be grown in the ground and not on trees like the regular banana and they will only grow in secret undiscovered rain forests.


These fruit can get you really funky when consumed but let there be a warning as consumption of too many can lead to imminent mutation as swelling to the head, shrinking, and speaking gibberish. I know many of you may already know people like this but please remember this does not mean there aliens. They could just be junkies?




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