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A serial killer is not crazy........ They just planned ahead !


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One Halloween Erin the witch was getting ready to out and scare people. Eddie the spider was looking forward to going trick or treating with Erin. He was planning to hang from the top of her hat. Bob the goblin can’t wait to out and frighten people. Erin grabs her broom and they all go down the street together. Erin and Eddie go to the purple door. An old lady answers and Eddie shouts “BOO”. The old lady screams “oh you scared me I like your witches costume and the spider looks real”. Erin says “I’ve got a magic trick to show you”. Eddie crawled on to Erin’s hand and she says “ABRAKADABRA” and Eddie turns into a frog. Eddie screams he didn’t like getting turned into a frog. The old lady says “WOW I think that deserves a treat”. Erin opened her bag and the old lady drops in some monkey nuts, Jelly babies and some lollipops. Meanwhile Bob goes to the blue door. A little boy answers the door dressed as batman. Bob makes a scary noise and chases the boy in to the house, and to scare him even more bob took off his head. Bob says “GIVE ME ALL YOUR SWEETS” in a scary voice. The boy gives Bob all the sweets in the house. Bob then runs out the house with the sweets and his head under his arm. The poor scared boy then has to put up a sign in the window saying no sweets. Erin sees Bob laughing and she had seen what he did. She says “BAD GOBLIN put your head back on and we’ll say sorry to that poor boy”. “I KNOW” said Eddie “we’ll share our sweets with the boy”. They all go back to the boy’s house together and chap on the door. The boy opens the door and Bob says “I’m very, very sorry; I was only having some fun”. Erin says “let’s share all our sweets together and I’ll do some magic tricks”. The boy grins a big grin and cheers up and they all have a great Halloween party together.





SHORT STORY #1 - The Haunted House

(writen by SuperStar - 28/07/09)


SHORT STORY #2 - Wiches,Spiders and Goblins

(writen by MEDUSA - 02/08/09)

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