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A Haunted House

Stephanie and Jenna where walking home from school when they passed a house that they thought looked spooky.

Jenna said, “Let’s go in. It looks good.”

Stephanie was freighted to go in so she said, “no! It looks too scary.”

Jenna said, “Don’t be a wimp.” But it looks to scary. Jenna doesn’t go in. Jenna walked in and said, “Are you coming in steph.” No. “I’ll wait for you here.”

five minutes later Stephanie decided to go in. She walked in and she heard lots of noises. She shouted “Jenna come on lets go.” There was no reply. She started to get scared but just then Jenna shouted, “I am here.” Help me. I am stuck. There where spooky noises that went whooooooooooo, I am going to get you watch your back.

They were walking towards the door when the door slammed closed and wouldn’t open. “Help help someone help us.” We can’t get out. We heard blood splatter on the floor. We went up stairs to find somewhere to hide. We went into the first room and we saw lots of rats. We thought that we were goners. But we ran into another room. Full of vampires drinking people’s blood. We ran straight out. We went to the back door. It was open. It was looking on to a graveyard. We ran straight thought it. We said, “That we are never going back to that haunted house again in the near future.” for if we do we might not live next time.



SHORT STORY #1 - The Haunted House

(writen by SuperStar - 28/07/09)



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