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The Recipes  


Chicken curry Vegetable Crumble
Duck in orange sauce Pumpkin and Apricot Cake


Chicken Curry 


(For 4 to 6 people)


6 x large chicken breasts
4 x large onions
3 x large mixed peppers
500g x mushrooms
4 x cloves of garlic

bunch of fresh coriander
1 x large tin pineapple in own juice
1/2pt double cream tomato puree (table spoonful) mainly for the colour
4 to 6 table spoons madras curry powder
6 table spoons olive oil (aprox) - for cooking in
seasoning (salt and pepper)



The Curry

  1. 1. slice or cube the raw chicken breasts

  2. 2. cut the onions into medium size dice (size of a 5p piece)

  3. 3. cut the peppers into dice a bit larger than the onions
  4. 4. slice mushrooms roughly cut the corianderleaf
  5. 5. liquidize the pineapple in its own juice
  6. 6. chop the garlic very fine until mushy and sticky 
  7. 7. in a pot sweat off chicken (to cook without colour) but at this stage only half cook about 8 to 10 minutes
  8. 8. add seasoning
  9. 9. add all the veg and continue to sweat for 1 to 2 minutes
  10. 10. Add half the coriander and the garlic and cook for another 2 minutes
  11. 11. add the curry powder and mix well
  12. 12. add the pureed pineapple and stir in and cook for 2 minutes
  13. 13. add cream and tomato paste
  14. 14. Cook till the sauce consistency is good ( about 5 minutes)
  15. 15. correct the seasoning
  16. 16. sprinkle with the rest of the coriander and serve


The Rice











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